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&Tradition - Develius

Develius, a beautiful addition to your interior from the &Tradition collection; a sofa that exudes relaxation and also offers the seating comfort that people are looking for. After years of testing, a two-part foam layer was chosen, in combination with sleek contours. The promotional model measuring 309 x 89 (150) centimeters in the Sahco Moss fabric is available in our showroom.

From: €6,674,-

For: €4.750,-

&Tradition - Palette JH 7

Inspired by the kinetic sculptures of Alexander Calder, Spanish designer Jaime Hayon designed a series of multi-level tables in different shapes, sizes, colors and materials, stabilized by a metal armature. The promotional model is available in our showroom.

From: €1.490,-

For: €995,-

Midj Italia - Dining Chair P47

The P47 dining chair from manufacturer Midj Italia is distinctly elegant and extends its charm to the surroundings. Under the rays of the sun, it gives life to a play of light and shadow, creating a scenographic effect of great impact. The promotional set of 4 pieces is available in our showroom.

From: €4.080,-

For: €2.500,-

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