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Artisan - Rio

Discover the latest addition to the Artisan collection; Rio. This sideboard, an authentic mix between a mid-century design and flowing lines, results in a beautiful product with a distinctive character. The sideboard is a nice addition to the living or dining room. Available in various sizes with a wide choice of wood types and finishes.

Artifort - Mare

The Mare by Artifort has been a favorite among design enthusiasts since its introduction in 2003. Distinctive, comfortable and high quality are characteristic of this sofa. The sleek and timeless product is available in many configurations to meet various wishes.

Minotti - Yoko

Yoko, a light and elegant seating design; a Japanese name and Scandinavian lines that come together in a piece of furniture with an aesthetic matrix, flavoured by both cultures. The wooden frame has a joint where the leg meets the armrest, both at the front and at the back: a structural joint that becomes decorative thanks to the clever use of the wooden material. 

Minotti - Torii Bold

The Torii Bold from Minotti is characterized by the contrast between the softly rounded covering and the lightness of the metal base structure on which it rests. The beautiful base showcases the interplay of vertical and horizontal elements, inspired by the typical traditional Japanese production details from which the product family takes its name. The armchair is available in a fixed and swivel version and can now be seen in the Linea Design showroom.

Giorgetti - Janet

The Janet, a comfortable armchair by Giorgetti, is a design by Umberto Asnago. The armchair is characterised by the stitching on the inside of the backrest. The base is made of solid canaletto walnut and metal. 

Catellani & Smith - Jackie O

The Jackie O from Catellani & Smith is characterised by its simplistic design. Despite the minimalistic light sources, the lamp creates a rustic and beautiful  atmosphere in your home. The Jackie O can now be admired in the showroom of Linea Design.

Edra - Standard

Edra's top model, Standard by designer Francesco Binfaré, can be admired in our showroom. The sofa has special corners and cushions that can easily be placed in other positions. Available in many fabrics and leathers. Exclusively at Linea Design.

Riva 1920 - Rialto

The Rialto-series from Riva 1920 is a unique collection of products made from natural wood. Designer Giuliano Cappelletti designed, among other things, this cupboard; an absolute eye-catcher for your interior.

Moooi - Heracleum

Recently added to the Linea Design range; Moooi. This collection includes the Heracleum, a striking design by the Dutch designer Bertjan Pot. The Heracleum has 63 LED-lights that can be powered directly through layers of conductive material in the frame, resulting in a refined and elegant design. The pendant lamp is available in various versions and colours.

Artisan - Lakri

The Lakri from Artisan is a refined product with smooth lines. The table top continues in a smooth movement into the legs. The table was designed by FILTER, an international Sarajevo-based architecture design studio. The table has been developed with love and respect for the wood, which means that the original wood lines and colours are still discernible. The table is available in various types of wood and dimensions.

Biegert & Funk - QlockTwo

Time; a relative concept. Biegert & Funk put this in enlightened words. The QlockTwo Classic is an eye-catcher on the wall or as a freestanding object. The exchangeable front of the QlockTwo is made of stainless steel or plastic and is held in position by magnets. The clock has an interchangeable front in 20 languages. A beautiful timepiece that will accompany you temporarily or for decades on your journey through time.

Minotti - Quincy

The Quincy, a new bench in the Minotti collection, is a simplistic but special piece of furniture that can stand alone or be combined with a sofa. The Quincy is available in 3 different sizes and numerous designs.

Interlubke - Jorel

The Jorel, designed by Philipp Mainzer for Interlubke, is characterized by its vertical handle and sleek design. The fronts are available in different widths. The drawers and the handle are always on the left or right side, creating an asymmetrical ratio.

Minotti - Jensen

The Jensen, designed for Minotti by Rodolfo Dordoni, is an armchair with a truly ingenious swivel system and an elegant triangle-shaped base. This ensures that the armchair always returns to its original position. The goose down seat provides extra comfort. The collection is available in various fabrics and leathers.

Biegert & Funk - QlockTwo Creator's Edition Glintscape

The QlockTwo Creator's Edition Glintscape by Biegert & Funk, an absolute eye-catcher of 90x90 centimeters for your interior. The slab of this unique product is made of a million-year-old sedimentary rock with a relief of random irregularities. This composition brings a piece of nature to every room.

Catellani & Smith - Lederam Manta

The Catellani & Smith Lederam Manta is an elegant pendant lamp designed by Enzo Catellani. The shade is made of fiberglass and the light sources are integrated in two discs at the bottom. The lamp creates an attractive and rustic ambiance and is available in the versions black/gold, white/gold and white/white. Linea Design has various models from the Lederam series in the showroom.

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